Welcome to my portfolio! This mostly exists to provide a convenient place for me to host my little JS projects and the occasional PDF that I might want to share, but feel free to poke around :)

Unless otherwise specified on either their page or in the source, all games on this website are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, and all software projects are released under the licenses in their codebases.

Ikaros (alpha)

A roleplaying game where sacrifice is the only way forward. This game came out of my efforts to run a game that feels like a cross between Mausritter and Burning Wheel using a system heavily inspired by Fate. Currently lacking art and needs more playtesting.
itch.io | Ikaros: Showdown


Hespera is a light tabletop RPG, designed to play occult sci-fi. It plays like a cross between Lasers and Feelings and Mouse Guard.
itch.io | HTML | PDF | ePub | Character sheet

Hespera 2e (alpha)

When I originally set out to make Hespera, I wanted to make a fast and loose mini-RPG. The result was a bit too heavyweight for me, still, so I started working on a new version that runs a little closer to how I was hoping. Inspirations include Risus and DOGS. Needs playtesting and setting data.
itch.io | PDF | Character sheet

Let’s Get Down To Business (alpha)

Let’s Get Down To Business is a micro-RPG designed to fit onto a single folded business card, using a novel diceless resolution system. Needs playtesting.
itch.io | HTML

Wizard Cards

Wizard Cards is a two-player card game I made up in a weekend because I was on vacation and the weather was bad. Very loosely based off a game (called Dungeon Cards, I think) that one of my friends made up when we were younger.
itch.io | HTML | PDF | ePub

ASCII Garden

Hang out for a bit and watch the flowers grow :)
Link (source)

The Wanderer

Short storybook browser game I made for eevee’s Games Made Quick 1.5. Rough around the edges, but I was in a rush.
Link (source)

Generic RPG tools

Tools for third party games

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Maze Rats

Car Wars